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16 and pregnant

16 and pregnant

MTV 16 And Pregnant В» Right TV
Last night MTV began airing a new documentary series, 16 And Pregnant, which gives a no-fluff look at real teenage mothers as they forge through the beginnings of motherhood. Read more about MTV's 16 And Pregnant, and see photos and ...

MTV's '16 & Pregnant' Premieres Tonight | Allie Is Wired!
MTV may not be the place for music videos anymore, or documentaries, for that matter. But they're taking their stance on teen pregnancy awareness and showing the lives of six girls whose lives will be changed forever, due to pregnancy ...

The Mom Crowd » TV Recap & Review: “16 and Pregnant”
I wasn't feeling very well last night, so it was out of sheer curiosity that I tuned into the premiere of “16 and Pregnant” on MTV. I'm a mom, I like various reality tv shows, and there sure are a lot about moms these days. ...

16 and Pregnant
Let the fuccery of what is teenage out of wedlock mothers and fathers begin and the glorification thanks to a tv show. It comes on tonight at 10 and.

Blue Badger: 16 and Pregnant
I am worried that MTV's new show 16 and Pregnant will glorify teen pregnancy. I am quite sure that the hour long series will show how hard it really is to be young and pregnant. But I think that some idiot little girl will see the show ...

Watch 16 & Pregnant Series Premiere - Satellite TV Guru
Satellite TV and Internet Information, Reviews, and Deals.

MTV Remote Control Blog В» Blog Archive В» 16 And Pregnant Poll ...
By the end of tonight's 16 and Pregnant premiere, Maci appeared pretty frazzled. It certainly didn't help that her fiance, Ryan, was M.I.A. throughout much of her pregnancy, as well as Bentley's first few months. ...

Ripcord News Tweet of the Day ('16 and Pregnant' Review) — The Ripcord
Ripcord News Tweet of the Day ('16 and Pregnant' Review). by Eric Van Dril on June 12, 2009. in Television. Just watched '16 and Pregnant' and it was awesome. The reality show had character development and was brutally real. Great show. ...

ontd_fashinfags: Who else is watching 16 and pregnant?Hav
Who else is watching 16 and pregnant? Have you been pregnant at 16? Or know someone? Image and video hosting by TinyPic .... 2009-06-12 02:37 am UTC (link). I know a girl who got pregnant with twin girls at 15. (Reply to this) (Thread) ...

Is there ever a perfect time to have a baby?
I am 16 weeks pregnant and I was wondering when does the baby start sitting on my bladder? I find I pee more often than I drink lol I don't have a bladder infection or gull stones or anything like that. When did your baby start sitting on your bladder

When does the baby start sitting on your bladder?
I'm 16.

i was on birth control for the whole month of may (my cycle) & i missed two pills in the month of june.

can i still get pregnant from having sex without a condom since i missed those two days but STILL took them in may?

me & my boyfriend had sex & he pulled out & cummed (so he says) but he isn't sure ; because we were both tipsy. --but when he pulled out & cummed he noticed that the condom was broken but the cum was still inside.

he's "pretty sure" that he didn't cum inside of me ; what are the chances of being pregnant?

& when should i take a pregancy test so that i know for sure?

*this story still goes along w/ the bcp story.


Can I get pregnant from being on bcp's for one whole month & skip just two days the next month?
i have had my naval pierced since i was 16- i am 21 now. i am 7 wks pregnant... and yes i know that it won't do anything to the baby till i start getting my buddah belly and there are pregnancy belly button rings that are rubber so you don't have to even take it out- but my question really is if they are safe or even worth it? will it do any wierd things to the hole or my stomach? is it even worth having a naval piercing when i am holding a newborn? opinons and facts are welcome.

naval piercing and pregnancy?
I was flipping through the channels and heard a song on 16 and pregnant it was a good song anyone know what songs where on that show.

I need to find out what music was playing on a show plz help?
MTV has this new show coming out called '16 and pregnant' and frankly, i'm so sick of these type of shows. I as well as the rest of the world are quite aware that being pregnant at a young age is the not the most glamorous thing in the world; we get it. Why do they constantly produce such shows, it's so redudant. We know you didn't ask for this, we know your life did a 180, just like anybody else who has a baby. It doesn't matter if your 16 or 60, having a baby at any age is going to change your life. There will never be enough foundations or educational shows to prevent teenage pregnancy, its going to happen. How about making shoes that focus on kids who are top of their game, about to be the next CEO of a fortune 500 company, or who's going to make a global difference in the world?it was a figure of speech, i would much rather want my younger sisters to watch shows on how to kids who are going to be successful than watching girls get knocked up in the 5th gradeyou're right, sadly more kids are going to become pregnant than trying to get ahead in life. hmmm...wonder why???

So, another pregnant show?
i started to wander what it would be like to be 16 and pregnant or 16 and have a baby with someone I thought loved me? I really want to do it. But i know it aint right. I think if i met some people my age with babies i wouldnt for any reason think it was great. I surprised the count on teen pregnancys have gone up because i dont know anyone pregnant and my age.

well i was watching 16 and pregnant....?
im on the pill, i had my period so obviously i didnt take the pill for a week.
my period was over and i had unprotected sex,
stupid i kno.
im only 16 and even though im capable of keeping the child if i end up being pregnant.
i wana prevent havin to go through that,
im too young and that was a mistake,
i took the day after pil less then 24 hours after .
and im taking the second one soon. i also took my birth control pill.. is there anything else i should do ? if i am pregnant. im keeping it. im against abortions and my entire family is adopted and i refuse to put my baby through that.

( its only been alittle over 24 hours of when i had unpertected sex btw)

what should i do to prevent this pregnancy?
My LMP was May 1st. I had unprotected sex on the 21st. I had ovulation?? spotting on the 16-20 then again on the 23rd once. Not much just when I wiped a little spot. Then almost 2 weeks after sex, I started having (TMI I know sorry!) snot like discharge, sore boobs, occasional nauseousness and others. I never started at all. I am soooo tired by the end of the day. I have taken 4 pregnancy test..the last one being on Tuesday it was negative. What else could be causing all this????!!! I went to the DR for an annual visit and everything was great and he okayed us to start trying. Now this!! I will be going to the Dr. but just wanted to calm my nerves alittle. Could I still be pregnant? most importantly, what could it be other than pregnancy! Thanks!

What could cause me to have pregnancy symptoms like sore breast,fatigue,missed periodetc other than pregnancy?
okay i think i am pregnant well i start my period da 7th of june and i am going to take a test on the second do u think it will show up and me and my boyfriend had sex on the 12th,13th,16,17th of may and he cummed in me all those times what is the possibility of being pregnant??
and wat is the best test AND ALL THOSE TIMES IT WAS UNPROTECTED NO CONDOMS!and i took a test today it was negative is it cuz it is way to early to take it
and i dont want people to talk there bullshit either on here when u answer it i just want the long correct answer and im not young.
and just took a test today in the morning which is june 2nd i have a feelin i am pregnant but idk yet do u think its still to early.
whats the possibility?
nd i started my period on da 8th but i feel prego
wats the possibility?
but i wanna noe if i can still be prego cuz i hear you can still have your period through pregnancy.

pregancy i really need the information asap.?
Just now I was sitting here and i felt like a little poke. It wasn't a cramp it didn't hurt just a little poke. Was the the baby kicking or punching me. By the way I am 16.4 weeks pregnant.And this is my first pregnancy so I don't know what it feels like.

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