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Derek Fisher

derek fisher

Video of Derek Fisher's two clutch 3-pointers in Game 4
Derek Fisher of the Los Angeles Lakers hit a 3-pointer to send the game to overtime and another to seal the game in OT.

Game 4: Derek Fisher plays Sniper, Lakers on brink of championship ...
About an hour before the Lakers and Magic tipped off Game 4, Dime reader SparkyJ23 wrote us: The Lakers have to win tonight or it all goes tits up for.

Derek Fisher has his own Magic with Amazing 3pt Shot to Send into ...
BUZZER BEATER for Derek Fisher. This game was so close all the way through, but there was a high number of fouls that were not called. Sometimes the refs just called the ball “out of bounds” rather than give the earned foul. ...

Derek Fisher Lays His Magic On Orlando in Game Five | SoCal Sports Hub
caption id= align=alignright width=358 caption=Derek Fisher][/caption] Bogus, Phil Jackson called some of the first quarter fouls against his.

Outside the Boxscore: Derek Fisher = Clutch, Lakers one win away ...
Then Derek Fisher, reared his head and hit another big shot in his career. When the ball left Fisher's hand, time stopped for Orlando fans who could smell victory. The Lakers went onto win in overtime but Fisher's calm under pressure ...

Derek Fisher: Time to Crown the Fisher King | Lake Show Life | A ...
When Derek Fisher retires, the Lakers need to honor him in every way possible. His name and number need to go up in the rafters. There needs to be a.

Derek Fisher the new Robert Horry Los Angeles Lakers 99 Orlando ...
Los Angeles Lakers at Orlando Magic (Lakers lead the series 2-1) NBA Finals, Game 4 - June 11, 2009 Amway Arena - Orlando, Florida Game 4 preview and in-game recap By Brad VanFossan Tonight the Lakers look to put a choke-hold on the ...

Derek Fisher hits 3 pointer in over time Los Angeles Lakers vs ... ... derek fisher hits three pointer over time los angeles lakers vs orlando magic game 2009 nba finals ...

Derek Fisher shoots Los Angeles Lakers to 3-1 advantage over ...
David J. Phillip / The Associated PressLakers point guard Derek Fisher, who hit key 3-pointers late in the fourth quarter and in overtime, celebrates Los Angeles' 99-91 victory over the Orlando Magic in Game 4 of the NBA Finals on...

Did you just see the greatest team in NBA history?
I thought Kobe was the best in the league but after seeing him in these Finals shooting horrible shots, turning the ball over at a high rate and having 3 straight bad games, it's really hard to say he's the elite player in the NBA.

BQ: How about that Derek Fisher?!!!

(For Kobe fans) Has Kobe's performance in the NBA Finals changed your mind about him?
this is bs......they should have fouled derek fisher.. but instead they just allow the 3.. come on!!!! its very real.. but with a $250 MILLION DOLLAR per game calm down and tie it up regiminand i live in la.. but this is over the line... my image of the nba is tarnished

the nba is fake.... just watch the game tonight... foul...foul...foul.. derek fisher when he is at the 3!!!!?
It was amazing. Fisher's my man.

Did you see just Derek Fisher's amazing tiebreaker in NBA finals game 4?
We're going to overtime

Thank You Derek Fisher?

will derek fisher go down as one of the most clutch shooters in nba history?
i hate him...i do ..i hate him

derek fisher can suck it?
Lets see, the ones that come to mind are

Kobe Bryant 4
Derek Fisher 4
Tim Duncan 4
Shaquille O'Neal 4any more come to mind?

When Kobe wins his 4th title, how many active players will have at least 4 rings?

Who is the better basketball player: Derek Fisher or Rafer Alston?
Is Rafor Alston gay? I mean literally in he likes to tickle mens behind their testicles.

Rafor Alston that good or is it Derek Fisher's defense that terrible?
Hey guys, please help me translate this to Spanish... thanks

I present to you the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only are they playing for the City of Angels, but they are also one of the greatest teams ever. More importantly, they are my favorite. The Lakers have done many impressive things, such as winning unbelievable games and scoring amazing points. For example, there’s Chamberlain’s 100-point game, and Derek Fisher’s 0.4-second buzzer beater that won the game over the Spurs.

They have won many games and titles, including 15 Championships, 30 Conference titles, and 31 Division Titles. They have come very close to winning the Championships last year, but lost to the stupid Celtics. The Lakers have some of the game’s greatest players on their roster, including Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, and of course, Kobe Bryant. Now, they are at the championships again. This time, they are playing against the Orlando Magic. And this time, they will win back the gold.

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