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Iran election

iran election - Iran Election A Tossup
Millions of people in Iran are getting ready to vote in elections to decide whether Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should stay in power. President Ahmadinejad's...

Iran's Election Tension
There's an uneasy feeling here that if the vote is close, one side or the other won't accept the results.

Iran's election becomes a referendum on Ahmadinejad | McClatchy
Tehran's Vali Asr Street, the Iranian capital's longest, was a torrent of green as youths by the thousands paraded past, holding green posters, sporting green ribbons on wrists and car antennas and drinking green fruit drinks.

The Great Debate В» Debate Archive В» Iran election opens door to ...
A wind of change is blowing through Iran, where hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faces an increasingly tough battle for re-election on Friday. Whether or not Ahmadinejad fends off reformist Mirhossein Moussavi and two other ...

Wildcard in Iran election: Obama | Iran News
Wildcard in Iran election: Obama thumbnail. His Cairo speech, combined with other early decisions, may have influenced Lebanon's election Sunday – and could have an impact on Iran's presidential vote Friday. ...

The Dawn Blog В» Blog Archive В» Cheeseburgers and sharks: Iran's ...
Never had I seen an Iranian election with so many improvised, emotive, slogans. Walking toward Ahmadinejad's campaign headquarters on Niavaran a few days ago, I heard a young campaigner, walking boldly in the middle of the street, ...

Iran Election Frenzy - Joost
Iranian president Ahmadinejad and a leading opponent are neck and neck in a heated election, reports Elizabeth Palmer from Tehran. Genres: News, Shows, News and Gossip, News, CBS News.

Iran election race tightens | Iran News
TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) – The day before polls open in Iran's presidential election, the streets are suddenly quiet again as official campaigning comes to an end, and voters prepare for what is expected to be a record turnout. ...

Iran election race tightens
The day before polls open in Iran's presidential election, the streets are suddenly quiet again as official campaigning comes to an end, and voters prepare for.

if Ahmadinejad loses the elections in Iran what ramification will it have towards Iran nuclear?
The peoples of iran have turn to the streets in protest to the Iranian president .
Do you think the president speech was underestimate by the iranian political leadership ?

Do you think president Obama is having a effect on iran election?
As the people of Iran get ready to vote, the youth are fired up over Mousavi, the reformer who could replace Achmanneedsajob. The leader of the Revolutionary Guard is drawing parallels to the velvet revolution, which he stated would be nipped in the bud. Could it happen? Could the Iranian citizens who want freedom topple this sectarian government if Mousavi wins?

Iran's Velvet Revolution? Could it happen?
I was wondering why Media and News's didn't pay much attention to the Iranian most Important Election, as it was one of its kind of more democratic movements. In the most capital cities of Iran people were 24 hrs parting whole weak on the streets.

Why when there was noting much important happening in there we had at least one stupid NEWS from Iran, But Now Iran starting to look more Democratic and we wont Like to show them.

Is this because their Image will become better and we might not go to war with them.

Didn't all West hate their President MAHMOOD AHMADINEJAD, and his crazy comments about Jews, and Israel, Well now is the chance we might gonna never see him on Tvs anymore Because his opponents are having Opposite Opinion about Jews, Israel and USA and restWell, I know They Leader can't change that easy, but While the Ahmadinejad was on power himself and the Leader were fundamentalist But there are two other candidates which are Reformist and they can take more power off the leaders hand as they elected by the people.
Also this is the only time which most of Iranians across the world decided to vote to get ride of Ahmadinejad.Well maybe Some Americans not european, and these were got more news making since 2 weeks ago.

Why European, Australian, and other medias did not Show much from Iranian Election?
…just like there are conservative and liberal Christians fighting for political power in Western countries? The conservatives in Iran seem to be using the same unethical tactics that conservatives use in Western countries too; I’m actually (surprisingly) quite interested in the Iranian election which I believe is tomorrow or the next day. Do you think if the liberal, less-religious candidate gets in, it will indicate a global shift away from conservative religious politicians in positions of power?

Do you care about how in Iran there are conservative and liberal Muslims fighting for political power?
I really hope ahmadinejad wins. You see mousavi and karobi are both theifs. They have stole bilions of dolors from the iranians and spend the money on their families. But Ahmadinejad didnt steal. In the 4 years that Ahmadinejad was president, Iran had many sucseeds such as the satelite. Only 9 contries in the world have had their own satelite, and Iran is one of them. A satelite can be over 100 million dollors. So Im hoping Ahmadinejad wins because if he does, all the theifs will go to jail and Iran will become a better place. But then its the people who get to choose, so if they choose mousavi, then they must suffer for 4 years, because mousavi is the one they voted for. It wouldnt make a difference for me, since i dont live in Iran. But if Mousavi or Karobi win, I will feel pretty sorry for the Iranians.

Who will you vote for? In the Iranian election?

Will Ahmadinejad win the elections in Iran, will it be done fairly, & what changes can be expected if he loses?
Here's a photo of Mousavi:

Here's a photo of the current Iranian president Ahmadinejad kissing Khamenei's hand:,1020,555674,00.jpg

Here are the Wikipedia articles:
Mir-Hossein Mousavi

Iranian presidential election, 2009

Supreme Leader of Iran

Ali Khamenei
Farsi: all, in the
ISLAMIC Republic of Iran,
the state, the people, and the individual are subordinate to the

In the
ISLAMIC Republic of Iran,
ISLAM is the final authority.

That's right,
--a set of beliefs and rules established by men--in this case notably by a so-called prophet who went by the name "MOHAMMAD"
--a name Muslims are incapable of speaking aloud without additionally invoking the blessing "Peace Be Upon Him" (or "PBUH")--who was supposedly a mouth piece for a god Muslims call

is the ultimate authority of law in the
ISLAMIC Republic of Iran:
not civil society or notions of human rights
--just ISLAM
--which supposedly accounts for the aforementioned as per the dictates of the
--a poorly written book, filled with ambiguities, maybe some contradictions, scientific inaccuracies, and is very much open to interpretation
--unless such civic notions or human rights are contrary to the will of
ALLAH.As for words of wisdom:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Mir-Hossein Mousavi again the question.

If elected President, will Mousavi have to kiss Khamenei's hand?In the
ISLAMIC Republic of Iran,
the president is subordinate to the Supreme Leader--indeed all candidates for office in the
ISLAMIC Republic of Iran
have to be approved of by
ISLAMIC clerics
--the Supreme Leader being Ayatollah Ali
--the successor to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
(the names sound similar)

--the late Ayatollah Khomeini being revered to this day
--20 years after he died--the same year he issued a fatwa for the death of an Indian Author who live in Britain who offended the stupid sensitivities of the gaurdians of
--because he replaced a hated monarchal dictatorship
with a beloved
ISLAMIC theocratic dictatorship.On this Friday, 10's of millions will vote for the president of the
ISLAMIC Republic of Iran;
and one the same day, go to their
BOW TO MECCA--the focal point of
and located in Saudi Arabia
--a big Arab country named after it's king
(imagine UK and Japan being called "Windsor Britannia" and "Akihito Nipponia")
--not bow like many Westerners would do--tilting at an angle
--but getting down on their hands and knees
--wimmenfolk behind the menfolk, lest the menfolk get all sexually worked up.
("On sunday mornin when we go down to church
See the menfolk standin in line.
Dont say they come to pray to the lord
But when my little girl looks so fine."
Led Zeppelin: hey hey what can i do
3:59Led Zeppelin - In the Evening
(hey, I like that song) )--and collectively BOW before MECCA
--likely to spoken or chanted words in Arabic.

Then later some of these citizens of the
ISLAMIC Republic of Iran
will rant on about how they are controlled by Jews and Americans.

and now for some words of wisdom by a great Persian.
"Still got my greatest pleasure."
Queen - 'Fat Bottomed Girls'

Happy voting
it looks like Yahoo! Answers has messed up the order of the postings of my added details.
Sorry if it causes a bit of confusion.
;-)Here's my post on Answerbag:
"If elected President, will Mousavi have to kiss Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's hand?"

If elected President, will Mousavi have to kiss Khamenei's hand?
Do you think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will lose the election?
and if he does what changes does Mir Hossein Mousavi will bring for
Iran, and what does this mean for America?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election.?
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says the country could get rid of its nuclear weapons if other nuclear powers are ready to abandon them too.

"What do we need nuclear arms for?" Putin said during talks with visiting German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

"Was it us that invented and ever used it?" he said in a reference to the United States, which became the world's first nuclear power when it bombed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.

"If those who made the atomic bomb and used it are ready to abandon it, along with -- I hope other nuclear powers that officially or unofficially possess it; we will of course welcome and facilitate this process in every possible way."

Ahmadinejad said American officials had 'officially' warned that they would arrest him and seize his plane if he traveled to the United States.

"But I attended the conference [the UN General Assembly] four times to broadcast the message of the Iranian people," he was quoted by Tabnak as saying.

The Iranian president further talked about the country's upcoming presidential elections and criticized rivals.

"Such insults and accusations against the government are a return to Hitler's methods, to repeat lies and accusations," he said. "Ahmadinejad is not their target. They are after the nation's wealth."


On one hand Russia is offering something that the American people and government can not even conceive of right now --- disarmament - Mistrust and war rule the land in the US --- the offer won't even be heard ----

Is he calling the US a war mongering society whose barbaric historical acts have set the tone for the present ? .... Yes he is -- Is he right ?

And Iran's President while hinting at a controlled US state media calls them money hungry criminals --- so he was not afraid of arrest --- The US is out to steal Iran's wealth -- arresting him would not accomplish that --- Is he right ?

The Russians and Iranians --- are their descriptions of the US valid?

Who do you think will win the Iranian presidency: Ahmadinejad or Mousavi?

More religious republic, or at last a secular liberal democracy?

Which do you favour, and why?@svnthdysthsbbth: LOL! Spectacular non-sequitur! You've either pasted in the wrong answer, or have answered the wrong question!

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