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Pietrus Gasol

pietrus gasol

Video: Pau Gasol Fouled Hard by Mickael Pietrus to End Game 4 ...
While a lot of people will be talking about Derek Fisher's big three pointers to help the Lakers win Game 4 and the Magic blowing a five point lead with a.

Video: Mickael Pietrus hits, flagrant fouls Pau Gasol | Interbasket
International Basketball News, Players, Euroleague Basketball Forum.

WCWP SPORTS: Should Pietrus be Suspended for Game 5?
With under 10 seconds left in Game 4 between the Magic and Lakers, Pau Gasol went up for a wide open dunk. In a heap of desperation, Mickael Pietrus ran full speed and fouled Gasol from behind. To foul, Pietrus used two closed fists to ...

Mickael Pietrus Throws Down The Clutch Put Back Dunk Over Pau ...
Mickael Pietrus Throws Down The Clutch Put Back Dunk Over Pau Gasol Game 3 Nba Finals Vs LA Lakers...

Pietrus sprints in and slams Gasol full force with both hands. Gasol hits the dunk and the two jaw at each other. Flagrant on Pietrus. Watch this play closely. It's the grandest illustration of what is wrong with the NBA. ...

Derek Fisher Lays His Magic On Orlando in Game Five | SoCal Sports Hub
Fisher passed across the court to Ariza who passed to Gasol under the basket. Gasol dunked but was fouled in the back as he hung on the rim by Pietrus. The league will take a look at the Pietrus flagrant to see if he should be suspended ...

US Post Today. В» Blog Archive В» Fisher's clutch treys have Lakers ...
Pietrus pounded his clenched fists into the lower back of Gasol on the play with the ball already in the cylinder. The two had words immediately and came together chest-to-chest before cooler heads prevailed. Pietrus was assessed a ...

Pietrus key in Orlando's 108-104 win over Lakers В« blogalihellocom
With Orlando up 104-102 and Kobe Bryant about to run a pick and roll with Pau Gasol, Pietrus would team up with Dwight Howard to strip the Lakers' superstar as he tried to dribble between the two Magic players. ...

NBA Finals Game Four: Orlando vs Los Angeles В« nbaroundtable
Josh Powell shows great composure to knock down the 19 footer along the baseline — bad close out from Turkoglu; Howard goes right at Gasol, a little out of control, throws it out, nice pump fake by Pietrus, loses Bryant, goes up, ...

Lakers win 99-91 thoughts????????

What did Pietrus say to Gasol?
i think i could whoop gasol. probably alot of you guys could too

haha Mickael Pietrus would whoop pau gasol so bad. why would gasol get in a frenchman's face like that.?
How good would this team be?

PG-Tony Parker
SG-Leandro Barbosa
SF-Hedo Turkoglu
PF-Pau Gasol
C-Kendrick Perkins

Mickael Pietrus
Luis Scola
Roy Hibbert
Tamon Sessions
Deshawn Stevenson
Jason Kapono
Leon Powe

Do you think they would win the Championship if all the other teams were the same minus these players on the team they are on right now.BTW this is my fanasty draft on 2k9Tell me where you think they would end up if they played in the east or west.Vegisbill I believe Lebron told the Magic to "bring it"...look where he ended up.

If this was a team in the NBA..?
I think TURNOVERS cost Lakers loss tonight as Magic did have as many. Well, Lakers had the chance to win. It was a must-win for Magic, they got it. Lakers played pretty well in the first quarter, Kobe had a fast start. As the second quarter went on, Magic came back to be more aggressive and dominated till the end and hit big shots. Lakers just missed a little bit of detailes to take the game. Farmar's bad pass to Kobe after grabbing offensive rebound. Kobe choked in the crossover intercepted by Howard and stolen by Pietrus as Gasol tried to save it...a lot more I saw on NBAtv saying Lakers is 17-13 when leading 2-1 in nba finals. I doubt they will accomplish this time, they gotta play a tough defense if they want to escape with a win and go back to LA. They gotta prove they are a good road team and show their energy when they beat Nuggets in game 6 in Denver.
For game 4, I would say it goes to either team, but Lakers face more pressure, because they are the favorite to win this series and they dont wanto to go back to LA down 3-2 and probably lose the series, but I dont how is gonna turn out. Magic lose one more game, they are done. Game 3 was a close game, either Lakers could have won. what do you say?????

Game 3: Lakers-Magic postgame thoughts and game 4 prediction?
Well what do you think

Here's my idea, Get some one to guard Kobe Bryant

First they had Courtney Lee the rookie who completely sucked
Then they had Mickael Pietrus who did alright but Kobe has the height advantage so he can still make shots

Here is my idea replace Lee from the starting line-up with Gortat

then get Lewis the taller player than Bryant guarding Kobe

so it would be

PG- Rafer Alston
SG- Rashard Lewis
SF- Hedo Turkoglu
PF- Marcin Gortat
C- Dwight Howard

That way you will have the best big man defenders on Gasol and Bynum

and you have found someone tall who can guard Kobe

I think Gortat is very underated he is great defensively, and he improving

YES, i know offensively that's not the best idea

but start out with defense if its only like 25-20 for Orlando at the end of the first that's still a lead right

Then once you are ahead by a fair amount you can bring out you offensive guys like Jameer, Courtney, and Mickael

Well what do you think Orlando needs to do to Beat L.A. in Game 2

How will Orlando come back to win Game 2 in Los Angeles?
I dunno a lot but I DO know that if Micheal Pietrus and Courtney Lee can guard LeBron, they can guard Kobe.

Also if the Magic can win vs. Boston and Cleveland despite not having homecourt, they can at least compete and make it more than 5 games vs. the Lakers, especially since they beat them twice in the regular season. True that was early w/ Nelson there but that's still a pretty formidable team. Also if the Lakers were playing the Cavs, they'd be saying we beat them twice in the regular you can't have it both ways and say the regular season don't mean nothing. Thats what the Cavs were saying about the Magic in the regular season and look how that turned out.

You could say the Lakers have been to the Finals last year so they understand the atmosphere more, but the Celtics were the Champs last year and they had homecourt this year vs. the magic and still lost. So I'm not really sure if that means anything.

Problem is I don't see anyone stopping Dwight howard still, as much as I despise him for being thuggish/ immature, he is still a beast on defense. I think he eliminates Gasol/ Bynum/ Kobe, etc. The only way is if Gasol can knock down open jumpers from the perimeter to get Howard away from the basket or if Kobe gets Howard to pick up a bunch of fouls but that tactic didn't workout for Lebron so I'm not so sure.

Plus Lebron usually isn't as erratic in his shot selection than Kobe
and the Magic defended him well so I dunno how that bodes for Kobe.

Plus Kobe's been choking in important playoff games including the Finals a lot since Shaq left. So that's still a big mental hump for him to climb and I'm not sure if he's capable, though I'm sure the media, the huge fan base that LA provides and Phil Jackson's whining and lobbying the refs--put the Lakers at a huge advantage. But look where that got the Cavs and the Celtics.

Yes, Phil whines a lot about calls, but now he's met his match w/ Stan Van Gundy. The two slimballs deserve each other, no? Perhaps that's why Red Aurbach still hates Phil- cas' Phil has no class and is the selfish person that his players like Jordan and Kobe emmulate.

I still think the Lakers will win cas' of Kobe and Gasol saave/ basketball IQ when compared to Dwight Howard's immature-ness/ bafoonary, but I think its gonna more interesting than 5 games.

Charlie Rosen always appeared like a cheerleader and/or bandwagoner and hopefully this series will drive this point home.

Do you agree with Charlie Rosen that Lakers will beat Magic in 5 or is he just biased and full of it?
a. fisher wit ball; kb24, ariza runnin sideline; gasol fillin the lane
b. chauncey wit ball; melo, JR runnin sideline; nene fillin the lane
c. bibby wit ball; j smoove, marvin williams runnin sideline; horford fillin the lane
d. mayo wit ball; gay, warrick runnin sideline; gasol fillin the lane
e. mo will wit ball; lebron, delonte runnin sideline; varejao fillin the lane
f. steve blake wit ball; outlaw, roy runnin sideline; lamarcus fillin lane
g. hinrich wit ball; rose, salmons runnin sideline; tyrus thomas fillin lane
h. gordon wit ball; davis, thornton runnin sideline; deandre jordan fillin lane
i. rafer wit ball; c lee, pietrus runnin; howard fillin lane
j. miller wit ball; iggy, thad runnin; dalembert fillin lane
k. nate rob wit ball; chandler, harrington runnin; lee fillin lane etc.

have i missed any?

which of these fastbreaks is more intimidating?
2-3 weeks ago, I posed a question on who will make the NBA "All-European" team (past & present) & also posed a question on who's the best NBA champs of all time, in another article.

But come to think of it, can the best selection of European players IN THEIR PRIME beat the top tier of NBA champions in a serious game (not an "NBA All-Stars" kind of game where the players goof around & not play seriously). Well, let's examine & we'll start with the consensus #1 NBA champs of all time.

Euro players (in their prime) versus The 90's Chicago Bulls.
C - Arvidas Sabonis [7"4'] versus Bill Cartwright [7"1'].
PF - Pau Gasol [7"0'] versus Dennis Rodman [6"8'].
SF - Dirk Nowitzki [7"0'] versus Scottie Pippen [6"7'].
SG - Drazen Petrovic [6"5'] versus Michael Jordan [6"6'].
PG- Tony Parker [6"2'] versus BJ Armstrong [6"2'].

C - Zydrunas Ilguaskas [7"3'] versus Luc Longley [7"2'].
PF - Detlef Shrempf [6"10'] versus Horace Grant [6"10'].
SF - Toni Kukoc [6"11'] versus *Toni Kukoc
SG - Hedo Torkuglu [6"10'] versus Ron Harper [6"6'].
PG - Sarunas Marciuolanis [6"5'] versus John Paxson [6"4'].

11th & 12th man
Peja Stojakavic [6"9'] versus Jed Beuchler [6"6'].
Rik Smits [7"4'] versus Jason Caffey [6"10'].
Andrei Kirilenko [6"9'] versus Steve Kerr [6"2'].

*The young generation nowadays doesn't know how really good Arvydas & Zydrunas were during their prime but these 2 big guys are perhaps the best big men to come out of Europe that even Pau Gasol put Arvydas in his top 5. Unfortunatley, both Vidas & the big Z are/were merely a shell of their old self in most of their NBA years.

**I just had to add AK 47 because in the old international game, a team can actually have 15 players! And indeed, Andre, in his prime, truly deserves to be in this list & so does Peja & Smits in their prime!

***Hate to leave-out Bill Wennington [6"11'], the late Bison Dele aka Brian Williams [6"10'], Cliff Levingston [6"7'], Robert Parish [7"0'], Dickey Simpkins [6"10'], & other Bulls players who also contributed to the 6 rings. (Who else did I fail to mention?)

The analysis:
Well, the Euro team is pretty deep, tall, & formidable especially with outside shooting - & that didn't even include Divac, Radja, Danilovic, Sasha, Zsa Zsa, Okur, Fernandez, Calderon, Pietrus, Vujovic, Darko, Medvedenko, Jarik, the Lithuanian 6"5' sharpshooter who killed the 2004 Dream team in Athens [what is his name?], & other decent Euro players I failed to mention. (Please help! Who else did I forget to mention?)

Anyway, the Bulls starters will definitely lead by 10-12 points after the 1st quarter because of MJ & Scottie but will be down by 10-12 points once MJ sits in parts of the 2nd & 3rd quarter since the Euro team is just too deep up to the 13th man.

But come the 4th quarter, when the Bulls starters plays it, they will surely erase the Euro's lead because of MJ's will & competetiveness. But who will win? One thing's for sure though, Tony Parker will eat BJ alive! (A question by Prester John)

The best European players versus the best NBA champs (Part I)?
I used the fantasy and chose the Boston Celtics cause of their history. What do you think of the team?

Starting line-up:
PG - Jose Calderon
SG - Allen Iverson
SF - Ron Artest
PF - Kevin Garnett
C - Marc Gasol

Bench (number of minutes):
Shane Battier (14)
Michael Pietrus (12)
Luke Walton (12)
Dikembe Mutombo (8)
Sergio Rodriguez (4)
CJ Miles (4)

Bench Warmers:
Sean Marks (I'm from New Zealand so I had to draft him)
Bill Walker
JJ Hickson
Craig Smith

Is my NBA 2k9 team Championship Material?
Did you click?
Did you answer?
Name your Fave Five.

5 Point Guards:
Jameer Nelson, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Mike Bibby, Gilbert Arenas
5 Shooting Guards:
Joe Johnson, Ray Allen, Mickael Pietrus, THabo Selofosha, Tracy McGrady
5 Small Forwards:
Kevin Durant, Hedo Turkluglo, Josh Smith, Lamar Odom, Caron Butler
5 Power Forwards:
Jeff Green, Rashard Lewis, Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol, Marvin Williams
5 Centers:
Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Al Horford, Shaquille O'Neal, Ben Wallace (I take him as a Center)

Fave 5 Teams:
Heat & Nuggets

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